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October is here. I love October, but then it’s the month in which my birthday falls, so I’m biased!


Posts on learning

Build Greater Confidence by Approaching Practice Like a Surgeon (Bulletproof Musician) – Why reflective practice is more effective.

I’ll admit it… I’ve made a mistake (Teach Piano Today) – But is that mistake detrimental to learning music?

Pressing practicing questions and some answers (Beyond the Notes) – Some great answers to questions on the topic of practicing

10 Exercises to Practice When You’ve Run Out of Ideas (Jazz Advice) – Although aimed at Jazz players, these tips are great for improving sight-reading, aural skills, composition and general all-round musicianship.

In Praise of Slow Practice (Classical Mel) – Why sometimes it’s really important not to rush through when practicing.

15 Ways to Fill Your Child’s Piano Practice Tank (Teach Piano Today) – Here are some lovely ideas for all you parents hoping to motivate your kids to practice more.

Choosing a Balanced Diploma Programme (Dr Marc’s Blog) – An old post, but one which came to my attention this week for anyone interested in putting together a diploma or recital programme (the advice is true for any age and stage).

Posts on teaching

Don’t motivate. Inspire. (La Dona’s Music Studio) – A very important difference we teachers need to remember.

Introducing ‘Messy Piano’ or ‘Alternatives to spoon feeding’ (The Curious Piano Teacher) – Some thoughts on why too much planning, structure and organisation can be a bad thing for teaching and learning.

Questioning students while they work (Teaching & Learning Music) – Ten questions to help students think about what they’re doing when they’re composing.

Ten Tips for Marketing Your Students (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Ten great ideas to help build up student numbers.

Posts about other things

Young, gifted and back in the theatre (Guardian Theatre Blog) – Some interesting new research that suggests more teens and young adults are going to the theatre than ever before.

Serve without being asked (Speak Schmeak) – Can you be flexible enough in public speaking to go off-script when the situation demands it?

Music in the News

Singing cabbie treats his fares to garage and road ballads (Evening Standard)

Singing mice protect their turf with high-pitched tunes (E! Science News)

Will fat lady sing for NYC Opera? (Daily Express)

Lang Lang promotes education at UN headquarters (

Scottish Opera’s music director resigns after only 58 days (Guardian Classical Music Blog)

Berklee College of Music Will Offer Degrees Online (Herald Online)

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