Free Printables

Printing music 2Here you can download all the free printables I’ve post on my blog. Click the [blog post] link for more information about using the printable.

All printables are free for personal use and for distribution by teachers to any students they teach directly. Please don’t add anything or take anything away from the existing files. These printables too time and effort to make, and I don’t get paid for them. You can buy my paid products by going to the Discover Singing Shop.


Understanding Repertoire [blog post]
A worksheet for intermediate level students to help them engage more with their repertoire. Great for use in the run-up to ABRSM exams.


Tongue Twisters – [blog post]
A printable page with a list of tongue twisters for diction practice.

Information Pages

Wake Up! Warm Up! – [blog post]
A guide to a simple physical warm up before practicing – an essential part of any singer’s routine.

Practice Printables

Horizontal Weekly Planner without goals – [blog post]
A weekly planner to help you decide what to practice each day of the week.

Horizontal Weekly Planner with goals – [blog post]
A version of the above planner, but with additional space for goals for each piece.

Practice Audit – [blog post]
A printable chart to help you check up on how much practice you’re doing and what kinds of factors help to make it effective.

Practice Planner – Goals and Checksheet – [blog post]
A weekly practice planner with space to make specific goals and then record them as they’re accomplished.