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Here you can purchase some of my resources which have taken me more time and effort to produce. All of these files are digital downloads and can be purchased quickly and easily using my PayPal checkout.

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Repertoire Databases

Classical Singing Repertoire Database 1.1

Screenshot - CSRDThis is an Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet collating the repertoire lists from all three major UK exam boards and four minor UK boards. On this list, you can search and filter the data to help you find new ideas for songs to study with your students. This spreadsheet also contains details on anthology publications which contain songs where available and also features two editable columns for you to add your own notes (such as which songs you own, or have backing tracks for).
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A History of Music

A History of Music Binder Pack

This pdf file contains all the pages you will need to get the Discover Singing A History of Music project underway with your students. This file contains the printable pages to set up the binder into which composer pages can be added. There are three levels of pages introducing the key features of each of the five eras included in the binder.

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Composer Packs for A History of Music

Once your students have their binders on the go, they’ll need pages to put into it.

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