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A Quick Note

IMG_8232Just to let you all know, my posting schedule might be a bit all over the shop over the next couple of weeks. My schedule has changed and I’m not quite back into a routine yet. I’ll still be trying to get two posts out each week, but I can’t promise they’ll be on the same days or at the same times as they have been!

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An Update

IMG_8232This is a short post to update you on my current situation as I have rather disappeared off the map recently. I’ve had a family crisis and some trying times in general which means the blog has not had the attention it deserves. I’m really sorry not to have brought you lovely Christmassy updates and info, but it has been a difficult few weeks here in the Discover Singing studio.

I am, however, optimistic about next year, and normal service should be resumed after Hogmanay!

In the meantime, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you a Happy Hogmanay for next week. Keep in touch, and I’ll see you all early in 2014!

Discover Singing Shop Now Open!

*cue the trumpets!*

The brand-spanking new Discover Singing shop is now open for business!

The very first item I have published for sale is my Classical Singing Repertoire Database. This spreadsheet details all the songs on all the grades and diplomas for all three major exam boards and four smaller ones too. It’s especially designed for teachers to help get an idea of the difficulty of different repertoire, and to inspire everyone to go beyond the songs set by their chosen exam board and try new music. There’s even two editable columns where you can note whether you have copies of songs in your library, and make your own notes. Priced at a modest £5.00, it’s an affordable resource to help with planning lessons, exam programmes, concert repertoire and more.

Follow the blog for updates as more publications become available, as well as my free printables for students and teachers.

Click here to visit the Discover Singing Shop!

Summer is Over and the Autumn Air is Here

Autumn leavesJust a quick updated to say that the hectic month of August is over, and I am back lurking around the internet as normal now. Here are some of the things you should be looking out for this autumn:

  • The rest of the series on “A History of Music for Singers”
  • A new “Composer of the Month” feature with biographies, musical works and a set of free printables for your History of Music binder which will be available this autumn
  • A range of new printables and spreadsheets which will be available from the shop which should be online by Christmas
  • A new series on preparing for LCM Music Theatre exams and content for AMusTCL candidates
  • Regular weekly posts like Repertoire Corner (which I promise will actually start happening every week…) and Friday Favourites
  • Reviews of shows as diverse as HairsprayA Christmas Carol and Don Giovanni
  • Plenty of other tips, tricks and ideas for teachers and students of singing and music in general

Any other things you’d like to see? Let me know below if you have any questions you’d like me to answer or topics you want me to write about.