I offer the following workshops and courses catering for a range of groups and organisations. Please contact me to enquire about booking any of these workshops or courses or use the form at the bottom of the page.

For Christian organisations

Vocal Skills for Worship Leaders

A workshop focusing on vocal skills for lay worship leaders with a choice to either focus on speaking or singing. Speaking workshops include vocal skills, Bible reading, prayer and short talk preparation and use of microphones. Singing workshops include vocal skills, use of microphones, harmony and using songs for congregational singing.
Duration: either half-day or a whole day.
Group size: 5-20 people

Reading the Bible for Others

Reading the Bible as part of worship can be a daunting task thanks to complex language. This workshop is designed to both help lay Christians develop confidence in their ability to read aloud for an audience and to deepen their personal understanding of the Bible itself using acting and performance techniques. This session includes vocal technique and microphone use. A range of translations will be considered, with the primary work using the main translation chosen by the church.
Duration: 2 hours + break(s)
Group size: 5-20 people

Praying in Public

For many lay Christians, planning and leading public prayers in church can be challenging. However, with the right tools, anyone can feel confident to plan and lead prayers of approach and intercessory prayers. This session equips church members with practical planning techniques that still allow for spontaneity during the service and develops public speaking vocal skills.
Duration: 2 hours + break(s)
Group size: 5-20 people

Sing a New Song

A worship-based session focusing on the voice as a God-given instrument. Acappella material taken from a range of sources including Taize and Wild Goose. Can be tailored to a wide range of situations from retreats to informal Sunday services.
Duration: 1-2 hours.
Group size: suitable for groups of all sizes

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Please note that the cost of these workshops will be given as an individual quotation depending on the exact needs of the church and the size of the group. However, the minimum charge will cover the cost of any resources and my expenses (travel and subsistence). Most workshops are designed to take place at, or with access to, the normal location of Sunday worship.

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