Whether you are an experienced worship leader or starting out in ministry, learning how to use your voice safely and effectively is key to providing high-quality worship.

Worship leading is a skill

As a Christian and experienced church musician myself, I know that using your voice as part of a worship service requires more than just great technique.

Depending on your denominational background, skills like improvising harmonies, unaccompanied singing and sight-reading choral scores can be vital.

Then, there’s the challenge of putting all these together, and still being able to worship God!

I believe that God calls us not only to worship God with our attention but also with our skill. As worship leaders, it is important to learn how to use our God-given gifts to the best of our abilities.

How can lessons help?

By taking singing lessons, you can learn how to speak and sing with clarity from the first to the last service of the week. At Discover Singing, voice science is at the heart of our teaching. You will learn how to look after your voice so you can still sing just as well on Monday as Sunday.

Musicianship is core part of all lessons. By understanding more about how music works, you will be better able to plan your services or worship times. Knowing more about the songs will help you to smooth transitions and introduce new music effectively.

Singing lessons can also benefit your well-being. Singing connects the mind, the body and the soul together, and this is at the heart of each session. You, and not your responsibilities, will be the centre of the work we do.

Whatever your denomination or tradition, learning more about music and how to engage with it will help you better select songs that not only have meaningful lyrics, but also singable tunes.

If you want to develop your singing skills for worship, please get in touch. You can choose between face-to-face lessons in Edinburgh, or online lessons via Zoom anywhere in the world.

Church Workshops

Want to help your choir get off the ground? Have a worship band, but no singers? I offer workshops for church groups around a range of topics, including vocal health, breathwork and introduction to vocal technique. Available in person or via Zoom. Fees negotiated.

Worship Sessions

The Bible is full of songs and stories of singing. Why not explore this in worship? I can lead times of worship focused around the voice to help your congregation sing more. Adaptable for a variety of group sizes and worship styles and available in person or via Zoom. Fees negotiated.