Singing’s not just about singing – an A-Z guide

The thing that gets me most excited about singing is how often it’s not really about the singing part. Singing is rarely limited to the functional process of turning air into sound. Instead, it’s an interdisciplinary and holistic activity that touches on a multitude of ideas and themes. Here is a list of 26 different things that singing is about that aren’t singing!

Lead worship? Love your voice

Whether you’ve been hanging on in there to keep church services going, or stuck at home, silenced by Covid, your voice needs the right care to help get churches singing again. Read on for essential tips to get your voice back in condition and help get your congregation singing again as soon as we are allowed!

Why Kodály?

How did I go from hating theory and sight-reading to a musicanship nerd? It’s all thanks to one Hungarian composer and those who follow in his footsteps. Read on to discover more about what it means to teach music using Kodály methodology and how it changed my life.