Is your son or daughter interested in music? Are they a keen singer? Then singing lessons can be a great way to develop musical ability, musicianship and core life skills.

Discover Singing offers lessons which are specially tailored to the age of the singer. Lessons for the youngest voices are focussed on exploratory musical play, using Kodaly principles. For older children, I work more on gently improving technique and exploring easy songs across a range of styles and origins.

What about high school children?

From the start of high school, lessons will look a lot more traditional with technique work, musicianship and more varied repertoire. We will start to look at classical composers, musical theatre greats and more.

Voice change in the teenage years (which happens to both boys and girls) can be difficult to navigate, but the best thing is to keep singing, so we do! Singing lessons can also support music performance practicals at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Do you offer exams in singing?

At any stage (from about age 7), young singers can be supported through exams. The youngest might begin with the ungraded Prep test, while older children or teenagers may jump in at higher levels, starting at Grade 3 or 4. Singers looking towards university entry may want to take exams as Grades 6-8 carry UCAS points and Grade 8 performance is usually a prerequisite to study Singing at degree level. The more academically-minded might also be interested in Theory exams.

Of course, many singers have no interest in exams, which I completely support.

Is there a minimum age for singing?

There is no minimum age for singing lessons as it depends on the ability of your child to focus and engage with the activities. Children who are happily settled into school will be more likely to enjoy singing lessons, so you may want to wait until your child is in P2 or above.

To recap…

  • Teaching takes place in the Little France area of Edinburgh, or online*
  • Lessons are offered for 30 minutes for the youngest, increasing to an hour by high school
  • Qualified teacher, with training in Kodaly methodology
  • Lessons tailored to the age, ability and personality of the child.
  • Option to recognise progress through exams gradually through prep test, initial, step & traditional graded exams
  • All lessons build transferrable musicianship skills alongside vocal technique
  • Free consultation lesson to make sure I am the right teacher for your child, and they are ready to learn.
  • One simple monthly payment of as little as ¬£62

*Please note that for online lessons, a parent will need to be able to help the child with the technical aspects of the lesson at the start and should remain available during the lesson to help with any issues.

Once you have signed up, I will either be in touch to offer you a consultation lesson at a time suitable for you or I will confirm you have a space on my waiting list.

At the consultation lesson, I will meet with you and your child. We’ll play some musical games so I can assess where to begin with your child, and I’ll take you through my terms and conditions of lessons and student information questionnaire.

If both you and I are happy your child is ready for one-to-one musical tuition, we will arrange a regular day and time for lessons. All primary-aged children’s lessons are on a probationary basis for the first three months.¬†Should your child not quite be ready for one-to-one lessons, we can agree to reassess after a fixed period of time, and in the meantime, your child will be held on my waiting list.