If you, or one of your students is heading for Grade 5 theory, you’re probably dealing with the rather dull subject of enharmonic equivalents. Most of the existing resources on this topic are pretty uninspiring, rather like a page of maths questions that asks if 3+1 is the same as 6-2, or 5-3…

So, why not try something a little different?

Once you’ve got the basic idea of enharmonic equivalents, why not have a little look at this:

Mystery Tune


Far from a newly discovered work by Schoenberg, this rather messy looking tune is actually one of the most famous melodies in existence.

Can you play it? Can you work out what it is?

Why not try to write it out on manuscript paper in the simplest correct key?

If you’d like to share this with your students, or print it for use at the piano, you can grab a pdf copy here: [purchase_link id=”1460″ style=”button” color=”inherit” text=”Purchase”]



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