Take a friday pause
Blog posts for learners have been few and far beteween this week, but fear not! A little scroll down this page will help you find the pearls of wisdom I have attempted to capture for you this week.


Posts on teaching

Is It Possible To Hack Practicing With The Addicting Properties Of Video Games? (The Collaborative Piano) – Can we reward practice in the same way as simple clicking games become addictive? Or is that a step too far?

Take Time to Give the “Why” (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Sometimes communicating the reasons why we do something is just as important as how we do it.

They Like You…But Do They Respect You? (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Some very important thoughts on building the right kind of relationship with students and parents.

What ‘Old School’ Piano Teachers Did Well (Teach Piano Today) – Four really good things to keep doing as a music teacher.

More Than Notes On a Page (Music Teacher’s Helper) – What are we teaching? Is it just how to interpret a series of dots, or is it more than that?

Posts about other things

Good hand position for piano (Helen Russell Music) – As great post about using the imagination to teach good piano technique from one of my online friends.

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