Whether it’s out of necessity or choice, singing lessons using video conferencing calls can still be an effective way to learn.

For voice lessons, the most highly recommended platform is Zoom because it has the best audio quality for singing.

Use a computer, not a smart phone or tablet

If you have one available, it is best to set up Zoom to run on your laptop or desktop computer. You should also download the software rather than using the browser option, as this will allow you to customise the audio settings more than on a phone/tablet.

How to change the audio settings

Open the settings in Zoom, and then head over to audio.

First, uncheck the box labelled “automatically adjust microphone volume as shown here

Then scroll down and open the advance settings. You will need to change the following options:

  1. Check the box for “enable original sound”
  2. Disable “suppress persistent background noise”
  3. Disable “suppress intermittent background noise”
  4. Leave echo cancellation as auto

You will need to make sure “original sound” is checked every time you log in for a lesson.

What about accompaniments?

This is where your phone or tablet will do the work.

You will need to load any tracks onto your phone or tablet before the lesson and then set it up with a speaker (or a mug, in a pinch). Try to place it so you will stand between the computer and the phone/tablet.

Anything else to think about?

You will need to be able to stand and be seen during your lesson, so consider how you can raise up your laptop, monitor or webcam to a reasonable height.

Pay attention to the location of any windows – it’s best if you can avoid standing directly in front of a bright light.

Oh, and make sure you won’t be disturbed by anyone but the cat!


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