Happiness and joy are our themes this week, and I’ve selected two intermediate level songs


Schubert – Seligkeit (Heavenly Bliss)


This song has quite a long introduction which should be used by the singer to prepare mentally for the mood of the song. The melody here needs attention to detail. It’s vital to get the trill at the start of each verse right, and all the slurred notes need to be clean. Watch especially for the large jumps in the second half – they shouldn’t become glissandos. This song needs good, clear top notes without too much vibrato to reflect Schubert’s semi-classical style. Each verse should be sung with a different character to reflect the meaning of the words regardless of whether the song is sung in English or German. [Lyrics] [YouTube]

* * *

Lerner/Loewe – I Could Have Danced All Night (My Fair Lady)

Watch the key change in the opening recit to this song – it’s easy to think it’s a repeated phrase, but it’s not! Once the main theme gets going, it’s important to sing right through every note, shaping it roundly. Dynamic variation is also important to communicating the story of this song. Breathing needs to planned carefully to ensure every note is really well supported. Finally, this song needs a good dose of raw enthusiasm to be truly excellent. [Lyrics] [YouTube]


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