*cue the trumpets!*

The brand-spanking new Discover Singing shop is now open for business!

The very first item I have published for sale is my Classical Singing Repertoire Database. This spreadsheet details all the songs on all the grades and diplomas for all three major exam boards and four smaller ones too. It’s especially designed for teachers to help get an idea of the difficulty of different repertoire, and to inspire everyone to go beyond the songs set by their chosen exam board and try new music. There’s even two editable columns where you can note whether you have copies of songs in your library, and make your own notes. Priced at a modest £5.00, it’s an affordable resource to help with planning lessons, exam programmes, concert repertoire and more.

Follow the blog for updates as more publications become available, as well as my free printables for students and teachers.

Click here to visit the Discover Singing Shop!


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