Take a friday pause

Last Friday Favourites of September, and the evenings are definitely drawing in. There’s even signs of a few autumnal leaves around. Oh, and musicians everywhere are in the middle of planning their Christmas concerts! Whether you’re prepping for an exam this term, or looking to festive performances, take a break and enjoy a few of these great posts and articles.

On Learning

Make Practicing Less Frustrating With the 5 Whys Technique (Bulletproof Musician) – Instead of thinking the mistake was because “I suck”, why not try this method to figure out what the real problem is?

On Teaching

The Piano Survey 2010 (The Curious Piano Teacher) – Results from some PhD research showing the demographics of piano teachers in the UK

When to Apply For a Piano Exam (La Dona’s Music Studio) – Some important and challenging thoughts on when we should put students in for exams.

Music in the News

Nicola Benedetti: Every young person in Britain should be made to study classical music (The Independent) – Acclaimed violinist criticises music teaching in the UK

Teenagers tune up for the homeless (Linlithgow Gazette) – A guitar recycling project has got youngsters in Linlithgow strumming from the same songsheet

My brain was like mashed potato after a terrible car accident – but listening to Coldplay helps me remember who I am (Daily Mail) – How playing Coldplay helped Ed Buckly recover from hit & run.


A Beautiful Process for Scales (Practicing the Piano) – A great suggestion from a master class on how to bring life into scales (and this technique can be practiced right from Grade 1 in a limited form).


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