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Is it finally starting to feel like summer where you are? It’s definitely getting sunnier and warmer here. If you’re not out enjoying the sunshine this friday night, here’s a round up of the best of the blogs this week
Posts on learning

The myth of the perfect performance (Erica Ann Stipes) – the problem with this can also be that young musicians have no idea how human we are, that mistakes are an inevitability, and that much of our skill as professionals has to do with not sweating the things that aren’t “perfect.””

How Your Mom Can Help You Perform More Courageously Under Pressure (Bulletproof Musician) – And then, who is the “Mom” in your life? The one, who, no matter what, will love and accept you just the same? How might you prime yourself before performances to remember this person…?”

“Darling, your technique is showing” – don’t be a singer who is all style and no substance (Chris Rowbury) – It’s usually the case that professional singers have had some sort of training in a particular singing technique. But dontcha just hate it when that’s all you see when they perform??!! All style and no substance.”

Oblique Strategies in practice (and practising) (Cross-Eyed Pianist) – “It also struck me while listening to the radio programme that Oblique Strategies Cards could be used in practising”

Posts on teaching

What to say if someone asks you if they can sing (Chris Rowbury) – What can you say without hurting their feelings or putting them off singing entirely?”

Worksheet: About the Piano Scavenger Hunto (Color in My Piano) – “Here is a simple worksheet I used at the beginning of class to kick things off”

5 ways to keep your singers focused (Total Choir Resources) – As irritating as chatter can be to you as the choir leader, if the room was completely silent all of the time it would be a bit un-nerving and you’d be convinced no-one was having a good time!  Striking the correct balance is therefore vital to the choir’s health. “

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