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October is here. I love October, but then it’s the month in which my birthday falls, so I’m biased!


Posts on learning

Build Greater Confidence by Approaching Practice Like a Surgeon (Bulletproof Musician) – Why reflective practice is more effective.

I’ll admit it… I’ve made a mistake (Teach Piano Today) – But is that mistake detrimental to learning music?

Pressing practicing questions and some answers (Beyond the Notes) – Some great answers to questions on the topic of practicing

10 Exercises to Practice When You’ve Run Out of Ideas (Jazz Advice) – Although aimed at Jazz players, these tips are great for improving sight-reading, aural skills, composition and general all-round musicianship.

In Praise of Slow Practice (Classical Mel) – Why sometimes it’s really important not to rush through when practicing.

15 Ways to Fill Your Child’s Piano Practice Tank (Teach Piano Today) – Here are some lovely ideas for all you parents hoping to motivate your kids to practice more.

Choosing a Balanced Diploma Programme (Dr Marc’s Blog) – An old post, but one which came to my attention this week for anyone interested in putting together a diploma or recital programme (the advice is true for any age and stage).

Posts on teaching

Don’t motivate. Inspire. (La Dona’s Music Studio) – A very important difference we teachers need to remember.

Introducing ‘Messy Piano’ or ‘Alternatives to spoon feeding’ (The Curious Piano Teacher) – Some thoughts on why too much planning, structure and organisation can be a bad thing for teaching and learning.

Questioning students while they work (Teaching & Learning Music) – Ten questions to help students think about what they’re doing when they’re composing.

Ten Tips for Marketing Your Students (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Ten great ideas to help build up student numbers.

Posts about other things

Young, gifted and back in the theatre (Guardian Theatre Blog) – Some interesting new research that suggests more teens and young adults are going to the theatre than ever before.

Serve without being asked (Speak Schmeak) – Can you be flexible enough in public speaking to go off-script when the situation demands it?

Music in the News

Singing cabbie treats his fares to garage and road ballads (Evening Standard)

Singing mice protect their turf with high-pitched tunes (E! Science News)

Will fat lady sing for NYC Opera? (Daily Express)

Lang Lang promotes education at UN headquarters (China.org.cn)

Scottish Opera’s music director resigns after only 58 days (Guardian Classical Music Blog)

Berklee College of Music Will Offer Degrees Online (Herald Online)


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