Two songs on the “perils of love” this week.



Love Quickly is Pall’d – Purcell

This is a good introductory song for students who are beginning to tackle Baroque repertoire. Purcell incorporates quite a few vocal runs which should be practiced slowly at first to ensure that they are pitch-accurate before being sung at speed. Ensure all the rests are counted, and that students use both counting and listening to the piano to identify when to come in for each phrase. This song also provides a good introduction for teaching about perfect cadences, which need to be understood as part of the ABRSM’s Grade 5 theory requirements.

Text. [Lyrics] [YouTube]

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Waiting at the Church – Leigh & Pether (Music Hall)

This is a great little music hall number, and should be sung with the performance context in mind. Rather than a clean bel-canto line, this song requires quite a conversational, almost spoken verse, and then a rousing chorus to get the audience to join in. This song can really be played for laughs and is great for developing acting and communication skills in advanced beginners who are looking to become more consummate performers.

Text. [Lyrics] [YouTube]


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