Take a friday pause

Exam dates are starting to roll out this week, but never fear, we will be here to support you through. Plus, if you need to chill out after practicing, here’s the pick of this week’s music blogs.


Posts on learning

Why the Progress You Make in the Practice Room Seems to Disappear Overnight (Bulletproof musician) – Some thoughts on using interval training principles during practice to help you remember things.

Chess or Checkers? (Practicing the Piano) – The benefits of slow practice.

No tortoisian ambling, please (La Donna’s Music Studio) – Why slow practice isn’t enough on it’s own.

Cleaning Your Instrument (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Don’t know how to clean your instrument properly and safely? Here’s a collection of links to guide you.

Posts on teaching

The Top 4 Piano Studio Policies That Will Make You and Your Clients Happy (Teach Piano Today) – Key things to establish right at the beginning.

Your Studio Environment (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Some thoughts on how to set up your teaching space.

Music Advocacy and the Independent Music Teacher (Color In My Piano) – Are we advocating music lessons for the real reasons, and not for the secondary benefits?

5 Games to Bake… I Mean Make… Note Reading Fun! (Teach Piano Today) – Some cake-related ideas for practicing note reading.

Posts about other things

Should theatre fund audiences and not just artists? (Guardian Theatre Blog) – It’s great to fund finding new talent, but what if there’s no one to see the work?

Music in the News


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