Take a friday pause


Don’t forget, the clocks “fall” back this weekend, so there’s even more excuses to curl up on the sofa and read some excellent blog posts.


Posts on learning

Why You May Want to Avoid Watching the News Before an Audition (Bulletproof Musician) – Anything to stay calm, right?

Bottling up a small but significant musical moment (Beyond the Notes) – A lovely anecdote to remind us all of what we’re really doing this for.

Finding Time To Practice (The Musician’s Blog) – Some thoughts on how hard it is for professional musicians to actually find time to practice!

Choosing Repertoire (The Musicians Way) – Three key tips for choosing the repertoire you want to sing or play for concerts, competitions and events.

Posts on teaching

Now Available: Composition & Improvisation Prompts for Piano eBook (Color in my Piano) – A lovely new resource to inspire creativity for piano students. I’m definitely inspired to create some similar ideas for singers.

Posts about other things

Classical Music and Social Media: A Changing Landscape Within a Changing Landscape (The Collaborative Piano Blog) – How social media has changed musical careers, and some musings on the current state of affairs.

Why Children’s Theatre Matters (Guardian Theatre Blog) – Children’s theatre is often maligned, but it’s been getting better and better in recent years.

Five unexpected reasons to embrace Brahms (Guardian Classical Music Blog) – You’d never think this stalwart of the singing repertoire lists was so interesting as a composer!


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