This week’s songs are both full of joyful music and cheerful thinking – just what we need when the evenings are suddenly that bit darker.

Funiculi, Funicula – Denza


This is a bright and happy tune which requires a good measure of confidence to bring off. Time should be taken to ensure that the singer is certain of the words before increasing the tempo to ┬áit’s full allegro. Each chorus section is a chance to demonstrate the ability to build in volume and intensity, making this song a great opportunity to develop performance skills at an early stage.

Text. [Lyrics] [YouTube]

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I Whistle a Happy Tune – Rodgers & Hammerstein (The King and I)

Unlike it’s Sound of Music counterpart, this Rodgers and Hammerstein number betrays none of the nerves of the characters who sing it. Instead, this should be sung jauntily and with the confidence that the lyrics speak of. All the words should be crisp, firm and confident – they need to be really well known. Watch the intervals at the end of the middle section – they need to be accurate even with the rallentando. The whistling is optional for exams, and does require some technical skill, but it is worth the effort to lift the central section.

Text. [Lyrics] [YouTube]


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