Take a friday pause


Another quiet week on the blogs – everyone must be very busy! Still, there’s some great articles ready for you to enjoy over a cuppa tonight.


Posts on learning

Be the best singer you can, but don’t forget there’s more to life (Chris Rowsebury) – A very wise post about the nature of ambition and the realities of what it means to want to be good at something.

How to be profoundly grateful and feel better about your challenges (Ear Training and Improv) – A little early for Thanksgiving, but a post that encourages us all to be more thankful about life.

Posts on teaching

How to Tackle the Measure Monster (Teach Piano Today) – a lovely teaching tip to help students struggling with a specific bar or phrase.

Posts about other things

We Need to Talk About The Diva (We Need to Talk About Opera) – New to the Friday Favourites, We Need to Talk about Opera gives a spotters guide to a true diva, and separates real ones from their caricatures.

Music in the News

Listen to heavy metal? You may have low self-esteem (Daily Mail)

Singing boosts brain activity in Alzheimer’s patients, scientists say (The Independent)

Music – a gift for language learners (The Telegraph)

Shakeup in children’s music education has failed to bring significant benefits (The Guardian)

Music Teacher of the Year Awards conclude (Classic FM)

An arts education develops strong creative multi-disciplinary minds (The Information Daily)


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