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It’s been quite a week in music education in England, with new talk of a “rigorous curriculum” being discussed again. All is quiet on the Scottish front, but that doesn’t mean the blogosphere isn’t teaming with great articles!

Posts on learning

6 Ways to Identify High-Quality Music Teachers (The Musician’s Way) – 6 key things to look for in a music teacher. For my tips, click here.

Posts on teaching

Dealing with Choir Members who are Always Late (Chris Rowbury) – What to do if your choir members are late, and what you should do if you are always late.

Why the Wrong Kind of Praise Can Undermine Our Students’ Confidence (Bulletproof Musician) – why it’s better to praise the process than the person.

Posts about other things

Twitter? In the concert hall?? (Beyond the Notes) – What do you think about the idea of real-time tweeting a concert? Great idea for a conversation, or a travesty of modern times? Erica Sipes tried it and this is what happened.

Comfortable Piano Playing (Classical Mel) – Some key tips to make sure playing the piano is always physically comfortable.

The Sacrament of the Microphone (Dr Marc’s Blog) – What is it about the microphone which makes a performance seem more legitimate? Or does it?

What the Music Industry can learn from Milk (88pianokeys) – A great thought on the importance of the right kind of PR.

Theatre-going is not a competitive sport (Guardian Theatre Blog) – A timely reminder that we don’t have to see everything. Honestly.

Music in the News

Chalk Talk: New approach to music strikes the right notes (The Independent)

Queen’s official composer: youngsters are ignorant of classical music because of ‘elitist’ attitude (The Telegraph)

Government plans to fund music lessons (The Telegraph)

The Global Search for Education: The Master – Renée Fleming (Huffington Post)

50 Shades! The Musical Headed Off-Broadway in 2014 (Broadway.com)

Why Gove’s shakeup of music education in schools hits the wrong notes (The Guardian)


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