Christmas is nearly upon us, so the next few repertoire corner posts will focus on some of the festive music available on the exam lists

Sans Day Carol – Anon

This song is a bright and jolly alternative to the Holly and the Ivy, and tells the story of Jesus through colours. It does go at quite a brisk pace, so singers will need to ensure that they know their words and articulate clearly throughout the song. There are also several short runs which will need close attention to ensure they don’t become glissandos. There is plenty of scope for dynamic and mood variations between verses, so select those to be performed carefully!

Text. [Lyrics] [YouTube]

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A Spoonful of Sugar – Sherman/Sherman (Mary Poppins)

Just as with the Sans Day Carol, this is a song which requires precision and accuracy to be really excellent. Watch that singers perform exactly the right notes as written rather than what they think it should be. The tone should be brisk, but not halting – the goal is to create a fluid song, but one which is also precise. This should be a jolly song to sing, and a great choice for young singers.

Text. [Lyrics] [YouTube]


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