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I’ll be honest, it’s been a long month, but now, a new year is well under way, and so are the best blog posts about music and music teaching!


Posts on learning

3 Elements of Showmanship (The Musicians’ Way) – Find out what three traits you should be developing to really add pizazz to your performance.

What Leads to Better Performances: Telling Yourself to Calm Down? Or Get Excited? (Bulletproof Musician) – How to manage your emotions to boost your stage presence.

Posts on teaching

How to be a choir leader Part 1: Why lead a choir? (Total Choir Resources) – A great introduction to why leading a choir is worth all the work!

Conducting Your Choir: From Novice to Know How (Total Choir Resources) – A lovely review of the ABCD (Association of British Choral Directors) beginner and intermediate courses which makes me even more keen to take part in one eventually!

Posts about other things

We are Music Therapists (Listen & Learn Music) – Ever wondered what music therapists do? Find out here.

Music in the News

Music therapy class strikes a chord with autistic children in Beijing

Arts head: Mark Tinkler, English Pocket Opera Company

Music improves young minds

Classical music improves concentration and social skills

Mike Russell to hold talks on music tuition

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