Repertoire Corner remains, I am afraid, rather infrequent, but I have some new music that I hope to review over the next few weeks, starting with Lin Marsh’s Serendipidy Solos


The Cuckoo Clock – Lin Marsh

I’m quite new to Lin Marsh’s work, but I’m pleased to say that this is a great example of music which has been specially written for new and young singers. The melody is fairly straight-forward, but there are variations as the music progresses, so it is worth taking time over learning this song. Once the basic structure is in place, there is plenty of instruction for dynamic variation and change of moods which need to be included to really give a great polished performance. Young singers should enjoy this song and other works by Marsh.

[lyrics and video unavailable]

* * *

Part of Your World – Composer (The Little Mermaid)

This stalwart of the Disney songbook is a popular choice, but requires careful attention to really perform well. Watch for the rests – they come in irregular places! Once the rhythm has been mastered, this song needs to be sung with imagination to convey the curiosity and wonder of Ariel’s character. This might be a good song to use for introducing some theatre games to young singers, or exploring how to mix singing with semi-spoken phrases.

[Lyrics] [YouTube]


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