Take a friday pause

I hope you have better plans tonight than reading music blog posts (with it being Valentine’s Day and all), but even if you’re loved up tonight, enjoy the best of the blogs over the weekend.


Posts on learning

Is This the Key to Being Less “Robotic” on Stage? (Bulletproof Musician) – Some great thoughts about providing a really engaging and emotional performance.

Reality Check: Motivating Yourself to Better Musicianship (JazzAdvice) – Lost sight of those New Year goals? Here are some tips form JazzAdvice to get you back on track.

Joining an established choir: a guide for new singers (Chris Rowbury) – We’ll be doing a couple of posts on joining a choir soon here, but this is a great guide on how to join in with a new group.

Posts on teaching

Rhythm Counting: Ta, Ta, 1, 1, Walk, Walk, What?! (ComposeCreate) – How do we teach rhythm? Wendy at ComposeCreate reviews the various methods.

How we learned a lesson from our audience (Total Chior Resources) – Here’s a great warm-up round for a small group. Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to get some more ideas for free.

Choir Tech Know-How: Part 2 (Total Choir Resources) – Ever wondered what goes into a sound-system? Here’s a great summary.

How to be a choir leader Part 3: Networking to get your choir started (Total Choir Resources) – It’s not what you know, but who you know, as they say…

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