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Looks a lot like the theme of the week is practicing, doesn’t it? I’ve even been hard at it, trying to get ready for the Edinburgh Competition Festival in a fourtnight, and some of these tips have been really helping.


Posts on learning

Efficient Practising for Busy People (Practicing the Piano) – Short on time? Graham Fitch explains why slow practice can actually mean fast learning.

Recipe for a Successful Practice (Practice Makes it Easy) – A really cute printable to help families understand what makes good practice.

On the days when you don’t feel like practising… (The Cross-Eyed Pianist) – Here are some tips to fight off the inertia that leads us to stall in our practice.

5 Benefits of Self-Recording (The Musician’s Way) – It might be scary, but sometimes, recording yourself can be really helpful.

Piano Practice and Grace (Heidi’s Piano Notes) – Some thoughts about how practicing can build good character, but also needs us to learn to have grace for ourselves and others.

Here’s an Easy Way to Help Your Brain Learn Faster (Bulletproof Musician) – Why practicing all hours of the day and night isn’t necessarily the best way to learn things.

Posts on teaching

10 Tips for How to Teach Piano to Dyslexic Learners… (Teach Piano Today) – A very useful post to help teachers working with dyslexic students, and other learning difficulties.

Joining an established choir: a guide for how choir leaders can help new singers (Chris Rowbury) – Following on from last week, here’s some tips to help integrate newbies.

Music in the News

Are you ready for a new music venue Edinburgh?

Music Matters — Everywhere!

Edinburgh’s St Stephen’s Church could be arts HQ

Music Education For Creativity, Not A Tool For Test Scores


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