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Hoorah! I actually have Friday Favourites up this week ūüôā ¬†Enjoy some of the best of the web while you slob around (after you’ve done your music practice, of course!)


Posts on learning

The Fine Art of Page Turning¬†(Cross-Eyed Pianist) – “‚ÄúYou read music! You play the piano! You must be able to turn pages!‚ÄĚ is the cry I frequently hear, and while all these statements are true, many people do not realise that page turning is an art in itself…

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SONG CHOICE¬†(We Need to Talk About Opera) – “It is now almost mandatory for there to be a classical vocal performance in a television talent show…¬†opera is being broadcast into living rooms all over the world.

Starting Practice With Intention¬†(The Musicians Way)-¬†“The beginnings of practice sessions set in motion everything that follows.When we start with clear intentions, we accomplish more in the shortest time…

Posts on teaching

Teaching Unmusicality Part 1¬†(Music Teacher’s Helper) – “If, as our mythologies of human musicality suggest, Man is ‚Äėnaturally‚Äô musical, where do these apparently ‚Äėunmusical‚Äô students come from? What can, and indeed should, we do for our apparently ‚Äėunmusical‚Äô students, and what, if anything, can they offer us as teachers?

Listening With Eyes¬†(Music Teacher’s Helper) – “So why then can it be so hard to actually hear what you are playing whilst in mid performance?”

Posts about other things

You will only make it as an Actor if‚Ķ¬†(Bloody Hell Brennan) – “You know how to respond to the¬†following sounds without even blinking: zip, zap, boing...”

Party¬†(Don’t Shoot the Pianist) – “My girlfriend is an Italian model”

Essential Choices on BBC Playlister¬†(BBC Radio 3) – “BBC Playlister allows you to keep track of the music you enjoy listening to on the BBC

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