Time to take a Friday Pause


Check out this week’s pick of the blogosphere. Do you like the new Friday Favourites log?

The Key to Better Performances and Crispier Waffles (Bulletproof Musician) – a fab post by the master of great advice on the mental and emotional battles of music. This one is focusing on control – specifically the things we can control.

Bashing on Keys (LaDona’s Music Studio) – anyone who’s ever played piano has probably done this.

Express Yourself Vocal Scheme (Helen Russell Music) – The long-awaited Key skills stage of Helen’s vocal scheme, which rewards achievement for beginners before they reach Grade 1. Check out the whole scheme from this page. I’m currently trying to develop my own version with a focus on classical music skills.

Music Apps for Teachers and Students (Color In My Piano) – A new permanent page from Joy, who runs Color in my Piano recommending some good music apps. I’m not sure how many are available in the UK and/or x-platform, but it’s worth at this list if you’re planning to buy some.


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