Welcome to this week’s Friday favourites. Enjoy them with a cup of tea, a biscuit and your favourite symphony, opera or musical! Have a great weekend’s practice.


Do You Have a Student About to Quit Piano? – Save them with this email (Teach Piano Today) – Would this work for you? I’m not sure it’s the miracle cure, but I do think it’s a great reminder for all of us that learning music is a journey, with hills and valleys. The reward isn’t getting to the end (there is no “end”…) but the things we learn and do along the way.

A New Spin on the Popular Game for Teens and Tweens (ComposeCreate) – I love the idea of using a spinner for older students, but it’s the Affirm-A-Term game itself which appeals – a great way to work on learning musical terms in group sessions.

The Role of Intervalic Reading when Reading Music (Color In My Piano) – A wonderful post about how learning intervals can help with sight-reading. Intervalic reading is the core of how I teach singing sight-reading, but it’s a good way to look at things no matter what your instrument.

Tapping into the Video Game World When Practicing (Beyond the Notes) – Ever wondered what Tetris might have to do with music practice? Have a read of this blog post!

Was Mozart really a genius? (LaDona’s Music Studio) – A very interesting post, debunking a few myths about a composer who seems to be held up as a legend. The post which inspired LaDona can be found here.

Carmen (Don’t Shoot The Pianist) – Yes, it’s a Facebook feed cartoon. But it’s about an opera, and one of my favourite roles too!


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