It’s been a busy week on the blog this week with all the theatre I’ve been out seeing, but I’ve had some chances to check out other people’s stuff too. So here’s the picks for this week:


Call centre boss motivates staff with sing-alongs (BBC News) – Great news story about the positive power of singing.

The 3 Biggest Values of Adult Piano Lessons (Music Teacher’s Helper) – This could easily be retitled as “music” lessons as the points apply to singing as much as any other instrument. Are you an adult in Edinburgh who’d like to take up music for the first time? Contact me!

The Tumbling Piano. An Instrument of Death (LaDona’s Music Studio) – A warning story about the dangers of music! (Singing is definitely less likely to kill you than the piano!).

Sex still sells classical music but attitudes are changing (Tom Service on Classical @ The Guardian) – The best response I’ve read so far to this week’s media discussions of the sexualising of women in classical music.

We are building cathedrals (LaDona’s Music Studio) – A short inspirational post about the big picture of music education.


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