Time to take a Friday Pause


This week’s Friday Favourites kick off with Cardiff Singer of the World, which can be seen on BBC Four. If you’ve not seen it, click the first link to find out what’s going on and see highlights from the competition.


BBC Cardiff Singer of the World – The biennial competition for opera singers, with only one entrant allowed to represent each country. Catch my thoughts on the blog all this week.

First Rehearsal-A-Phobia (Beyond the Notes) – Why you shouldn’t be afraid of the process of “putting it all together” – vital for anyone involved in collaborative music making.

Nightmare (Don’t Shoot the Pianist) – Ever had one of these dreams…? *shudder*

How Can We Talk to Young Students About Performance Anxiety? (Bulletproof Musician) – A great post for teachers and parents with a little interactive task to help us think about how to help the youngest performers face up to stage-fright.

Write it Out (Practicing the Piano) – A great idea I’ve not come across for tackling those slips and errors which plague us.

Can your students “mapify” and “tonalize”? (Music Teacher’s Helper) – An interesting take on sight-reading which tries to verbalise some of the aural processes of listening to music and playing on sight.


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