Time to take a Friday Pause


Are you enjoying the non-musical joys of Wimbledon this week? I certainly am. However, if things aren’t getting too nailbiting this evening, enjoy some strawberries and cream or a glass of pimms while checking out this little lot…


Write Down the Vision (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Have you thought about what you want out of music lessons? This teacher has helped her students to do just that. Why not write down your vision this week? Check out my post on SMART goals for some tips on how to set targets to get there too.

Music Education Helps Kids Learn to Read (Washington Post) – A new study done in Germany has suggested that music education in schools improves the skills kids need to learn to read.

I Think This Kid Just One-Upped Mozart (Teach Piano Today) – An inspiring story about a boy who has turned his piano skills to charitable good. Definitely a challenge to us all too!

Music Alphabet Games for Young Students (Compose Create) – Some really cute printables for teaching kids the letters we use in the musical alphabet.


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