Happy Friday everyone. It’s been a nail-biting week in British tennis, but everything is crossed for a good result today and on Sunday. Have you been on the edge of your seat with me? Whatever the outcome, enjoy this week’s round up of the best of the blogosphere with a good old cup of British tea.  


Does Clothing Colour Provide a Performance Advantage? (Bulletproof Musician) – The conclusion may, ultimately, be indeterminate, but this post does give some significant food for thought about the impact of clothing.

10 Reasons to Play the Piano (ClassicalMel) – Most of the reasons apply to singing too 🙂

Pedal to the Metal (LaDona’s Music Studio) – An insight into the challenges of being an accompanist.

Relationship status: It’s Complicated (LaDona’s Music Studio) – A great post about the complex love lives of some of our favourite composers. Do click the link to read the other ones.

Review: In Tune App (Pianimation) – I don’t normally post app reviews here, but this one is really interesting, and especially useful for anyone who has to tune their own notes (like singers!)

Prop flops: Why I love it when things go wrong (Guardian Theatre Blog with Lyn Gardner) – A great blog post on the upside of theatrical malfunctions!

Art vs Chemistry (Cross-Eyed Pianist) – A meditation on the role of perfection an imperfection in the age of digital media.

“Sorry I Haven’t Done As Much Practice as I Would Like This Week” (Practicing the Piano with Graham Fitch) – A post on the strange and turbulant relationship between what goes on during practice and what happens in lessons


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