After such a lovely, sunny and dramatic weekend last weekend, I hope this one is just as sunny but not as stressful! Here are some of the best blog posts this week to unwind with.


What Can Musicians Learn from Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory? (Classical Mel) – How performance psychology and discipline can work for musicians as well as athletes. For more on this, pick up a copy of The Inner Game of Music.

22 Creative Ways to “Play it Again”; Turning Piano Teaching Repetition On It’s Head (Piano Teaching Today)- Bored of endless repetitions in practice? Aimed at pianists, this list gives some great ideas to mix things up when you have to go over something again, and again…

How Long will it Take to Learn the Piano? (Classical Mel) – Many of these things apply to singing too, especially the part about how much time you’re willing to devote to practice!

Finding Don Giovanni in a High School Boy (Beyond the Notes) – A wonderful reminder of the power of acting to transform singing performance.

Screw Self-Confidence (Speak Schmeak) – Some tips for public speakers and performers to cope with nerves and stage fright.

Teach Them Well and Let Them Lead The Way (La Dona’s Music Studio) – A lovely post about the importance of arts education in schools.

The Most Unusual Item in My Studio (Pianimation) – A surprising solution to concentration issues during piano lessons!

Simple Secrets to Improving Eye Contact (Six Minutes) – From another public speaking blog, this time about communication with the audience through eye contact. Lots of these rules apply to singers as well as speakers, and this is a good reminder of why singers are required to memorise songs.

What to Wear to Work (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Some sound advice on what private music teachers should wear to work.

The Power of Sound (Pianoanne) – An interesting post about the various therapeutic roles music can play and the related careers. For more about music therapy in the UK, have a look at the British Association for Music Therapy

How To Involve Your Piano Kids in a Simple “Do Good, Feel Good” project (Teach Piano Today) – A lovely project to encourage kids to use their music for others. Why not have a go yourself (especially while the weather is dry!).

Should actors work for free on the fringe? (The Guardian Theatre Blog with Lynn Gardner) – This blog poses a very serious and complex question which applies to musicians too.

Finally, a big up for Beth’s Music Notes. This is a great blog for folk songs, complete with ideas for teaching to primary aged kids in school. I’m excited to make use of her archive of songs for young singers, and for the folk song component of the ABRSM singing exams.


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