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A bumper Friday Favourites this week, as I was off on holiday enjoying the fringe last week. So settle down with a cuppa and enjoy.

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One Super Strategy for Teaching Piano To Children With Autism, ADHD or Behavioral Problems (Teach Piano Today) – A super simple idea for any pupil with a short attention span.

Some Thoughts on Mental Tension (Practicing the Piano) – Graham Fitch muses on how important our mindset is in music practice.

Music Keys Matching Worksheets & More (Color in my Piano) – Amazing idea for anyone dealing with scales in their music practice. I’m off to print some of these for my own piano practice.

Composer of the Week at 70 (BBC Radio 3) – The best music programme around has been going for 70 years this year. If you’ve not started listening in at 12:30 or 18:30, or getting the podcasts, you’re missing out!

Why Market When I Don’t Need New Students? (Compose Create) – Not actually a post about marketing, but instead a fabulous infographic about what effect music has on the brain.

An Inefficient Form of Entertainment (La Dona’s Music Studio) – Some interesting thoughts on the future of classical concerts.

Increasing Tempo in Practice (Musician’s Way) – Seven ideas to help learn to play fast music at speed.

How to Learn Jazz Standards at the Piano (Jazz Advice) – Even if you don’t play the piano, this contains some great advice about learning music by ear and how to deconstruct it.

Are Great Performers as Cool and Collected on Stage as They Appear? (Bulletproof Musician) – Some important thoughts on how valuable mental training is for musicians and performers.

6 Ways to Introduce Children and Babies to Music Making… (Classical Mel) – In honour of HRH Prince George, Classical Mel lists of some fab tips for music making with young children.

5 Music Theory Tips Part 1 (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Five really useful pointers for anyone tackling a music theory exam.

Do stage actors mumble too much? (Guardian Theatre Blog) – In the modern age, good diction is going out of fashion, but Lyn Gardner thinks it shouldn’t be doing so on stage.

Interval Reference Songs You’ve Actually Heard Of (Easy Ear Training) – Yes, this is a post about where different intervals appear in pop songs – how awesome is that?

Hearing and Seeing Piano Patterns from the Start (Heidi’s Piano Studio) – Some lovely ideas for helping really young kids get to grips with the piano.

Edinburgh 2013: Why Do We Clap in the Theatre? (Guardian Theatre Blog) – Lyn Gardner muses on the relationship (or lack thereof) between clapping and theatrical quality.

Back Up! (Practicing the Piano) – A fantastic post on the idea of starting at the end of a piece and working backwards. This is a really useful tip if you’re bored of practicing in the conventional way or are struggling with a particular song.

10 Non-Musical Skills that Children can Learn from Piano Lessons (Music Matters) – Music’s good for more than just being able to play an instrument – it develops all kinds of important skills!


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