Take a friday pause

I’m off camping in a field this week at Greenbelt Festival, so this is a slightly curtailed edition of Friday Favourites. However, I hope you’ve got something exciting planned for this weekend. If you’re in Edinburgh, it’s the last few days of the fringe, so don’t miss out. You can read my fringe and international festival reviews by clicking the links.


Two Things Experts Do Differently Than Non-Experts When Practicing (Bulletproof Musician) – Another fantastic post on the psychology of practice. If you don’t already follow this blog, you should.

The Other End of the Telescope (Practicing the Piano) – A great article detailing the importance of slow practice, with some fantastic tips on how to do it well.

“Muscularizing” Completes the Learning Process (Music Teacher’s Helper) – Even singers use muscle memory as part of learning songs, and here’s a great post on the importance of muscles in learning music.

Listening and focusing… (Classical Mel) – Some thoughts on the importance of concentration and listening in making really good music.


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