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After all my adventures of the summer, they finished up with a lovely trip away to Greenbelt Festival last weekend. Here’s a slightly bumper Friday Favourites to make up for the blog being quiet.


Do we really need to play the entire piano repertoire? (Classical Mel) – How to build up a collection of music you can really play well without getting overwhelmed!

Safely Increasing Practice Times (Musician’s Way) – tips on how to build up practice after a slow summer. Especially important for singers needing to rebuild their voice.

Adult Amateurs (Practicing the Piano – Some lovely advice from Graham Fitch on getting started as an adult musician.

From the Adjudicator’s Chair… (Classical Mel) – A very helpful post on what Mel looks for when she’s examining and adjudicating at competitions.

Chains of Thought About the State of Mind of Some Students (Beyond the Notes) – Unpacking how we learn, and ask whether we can teach and learn music more effectively.

Becoming a Musical Character (Jazz Advice) – Interesting post about our character as musicians and how we can become a personality when we play. Focussed on jazz, but has some good tips for all performers.

5 Benefits of Private Piano Lessons (Pianoanne) – 5 great reasons to take up private music lessons.

The Most Irritating Question (Kids & Keys) – Click the link to find out what you should never ask your music teacher!

How One Note Can Open Up Your Ears and Spark Your Musical Creativity (Jazz Advice) – Using drone tones to create exciting musical sounds.

What’s the Best Musical of All Time? (Guardian Theatre Blog) – The results are in and the answer is one click away (though the top is not surprising, some of the other entries in the top 20 are interesting choices…)


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