Time to take a Friday Pause


Welcome to another Friday Favourites! As the evenings show signs of drawing in a little, why not cosy up with your favourite piece of classical music, and check out the best of the blogosphere this week.


Musicians, Athletes and Practice (Kids & Keys) – A short but sweet post.

How Does Music Produce Emotional Reactions (Bulletproof Musician) – Honestly, if you’re not following this blog, you should do.

The Anatomy of a Sound: Overcoming the Barrier of Music Theory (Jazz Advice) – A fantastic post that really gets into why music theory is important, and what we should do with it once we know it.

Wednesday Question: Why Don’t Parents Support Piano Lessons? (Susan Paradis) – A short thought on the parent-music lesson relationship that’s wise words for teachers, and wise words for parents too.

Looping – How to Manage Repetition Rhythmically  (Practicing the Piano) – Some great advice for all musicians on how to break down and work on tricky passages.

I’ve also started following the 40 Piece Challenge this week – a great Australian initiative designed to combat the “3 pieces a year” mentality that exams and poor teaching can encourage. Why not try this yourself this year?


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