Time to take a Friday Pause

A semi-palindromic date today –
always makes me smile, anyway! As the autumn sets in, there’s plenty of live music popping up around, but if you’re not lucky enough to be out and about tonight, have a read of this lot.


One Simple Bit of Tech May Be a Piano Teacher’s Best Friend! (Teach Piano Today) – A useful post about how to send mass text messages to students.

4 Ways Judging Can Make You a Better Teacher (ComposeCreate) – A lovely guest post on Wendy’s blog about how being the judge can help us all be better teachers (and musicians)

Learning music, riding bikes, and eating Oreos (Beyond the Notes) – Find out what layers have to do with learning (and use it as an excuse to open that pack of Oreos too)

Communicating with Teachers (The Musician’s Way) – A useful post with some thoughts on how and why to communicate with your teacher.

Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowships (The Curious Piano Teacher) – Ever wanted to travel to learn more about teaching? Here is a useful source of funding.

Perform Better Under Pressure (Bulletproof Musician) – How simply changing your perspective can make you a better musician.

Are Stage Adaptations Always Inferior? (Guardian Theatre Blog) – I’m usually of the opinion that “the original medium is the best”, but there are always exceptions…

5 Music Theory Tips: Part 2 (Music Teacher’s Helper) – A blog post packed with great little mnemonics to help you remember theory basics.

Getting Students Excited about Classical Music (Music Teacher’s Helper) – How to help young kids develop a love of classical music as well as popular music!

How to Use Pop Music to Improve Your Ear (Jazz Advice) – A Great post with ideas on how to use the music you listen to all the time to your advantage.

What Makes a Good Audience? (Guardian Theatre Blog) – Some thoughts about getting the balance right between too quiet and too loud!

Costume and Set Design (The Drama Teacher) – Preparing for LCM exams or interested in theatre? This video is a great introduction to the role of costume and set.

Which actors pass the telephone directory test? (Guardian Theatre Blog) – Who would you pay to see in any show?

What insecurities are keeping you from the stage? (Speak Schmeak) – Some thoughts on what it is that gives us performance anxieties.

Finally, this is an excellent post on how to practice, and how to learn songs. It’s from 2011, so I’ve left it till last. Keep an eye on the blog for future posts on how to practice singing more effectively: Vocal Technique: How to Best Practice Practicing Singing (The Counter Tenor Voice)


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